Kirstin – Web Manager

Kirstin, 51 years old, is a web content manager at the ESRF, the European Synchrotron, in Grenoble. She went to France for a ski trip and is still there 32 years later. She loves her working environment – 40 different nationalities working together and the science, she says, is mind-blowing.  Last year she managed to convince her 80-year old mother to move from Norfolk to a small house just around the corner from her.  Her mother is now settling in well and has happily adapted to the French sun, markets and food culture. Until the Brexit vote, she’d never considered taking French nationality.   Now she’s getting all the paperwork together to  request dual-nationality. She’s worried that in the future it might be difficult to stay in France or to defend her interests as a Brit living in France.  She also wants to have the right to vote.  She feels Brexit is a waste of money and effort and is wary of the rise in the populist movements in parts of Europe seeing how they can easily tear people apart rather than unite. She adds that Brexit is sadly not gaining Brits any friends in France at the moment. Kirstin is divorced from her French partner and lives in Grenoble with her almost grown up children who are bilingual.

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*These photographs of everyday European Brits are part of a collaboration with the photographer Charlie Clift.  For further information on his acclaimed exhibition go to