2 thoughts on “Donald Tusk letter to UK Parliamentarians on the status of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens living and working in Europe”

  1. The UK should show its good faith by guaranteeng the rights of European citizens already in the UK. They have no need to pretend this is part of a quid pro quo.
    The EU already guaranties all these rights; it is the UK which is attempting to disadvantage people, whether they be British citizens in the EU or EU citizens in the UK.
    The hypocrisy and incompetence f HMG is breathtaking.

    1. Complete rubbish. The UK has been stitched up by the EU too many times for it to be sensible to offer Brussels another hostage to fortune. It gave up part of the UK CAP rebate on the ‘promise’ that the CAP would be reformed – no surprise that the EU pocketed the money but broke the promise to reform.

      If the UK were unilaterally to guarantee the right to remain of EU citizens already here, I would not put it past the EU to refuse to reciprocate without either a lump sum charge or some additional concession in another area.

      If Tusk was sincere he could have simply written: “We are unable to formalise a reciprocal agreement on this matter until negotiations start. But since there is goodwill from both sides on this issue, we do not anticipate it being a problem once negotiations do start.”

      Instead he takes a haughty tone and seems to be making a bizarre argument that the UK really ought to still stay in the EU. It’s not going to happen, Mr Tusk. The people have voted Leave. The politicians can’t overrule the people – difficult as it may be for a Eurocrat to understand.

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