First Stuttgart BiG Meeting 2.03

Stuttgart held its first British in Germany meeting alongside British Embassy Head of Trade and Investment Tim Jones.  UK citizens from the Stuttgart area took the opportunity to catch up on the latest status of negotiations and to ask questions about the impacts of Brexit on their own lives.

Topics covered included dual citizenship, what happens on Brexit day, onward free movement within the EU, the future status of British Beamte, pensions and qualifications. There was enthusiasm for further information events and for connecting more widely in the Stuttgart area to help British citizens prepare. A core team will join Lois in planning and organising future events. If you could not make the meeting but would like to get involved, or want to be informed directly about the next event, please contact us:

Many thanks to Lois Goddard who initiated the BiG Stuttgart group.

Some of the British and friends who attended the first Stuttgart British in Germany event.

Tim Jones (seated left), Head of Trade and Investment at the British Embassy in Berlin, presented a summary of status and impacts for British in Germany.

Alison Jones (left) of British in Germany and Lois Goddard (right), who organised the Stuttgart event. Poster in the background is pure coincidence!

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