BiE Goes to London – Marching to Westminster with the People’s Vote – 23rd June

The British in Europe steering committee and our member groups warmly invite you to join us on this march, which has been organised by a coalition of pro-Europe groups to stand up for a People’s Vote and for other pro-European issues.

We’ll be marching to raise awareness of the issues still outstanding for British citizens living in the EU, notably continuing free movement rights; and to call for the franchise for any ‘People’s Vote’ to include ALL UKinEU and EUinUK, regardless of whether people are currently disenfranchised by the 15 year rule.

So, whatever your feelings about a People’s Vote, I’m sure you’ll all agree that if there IS going to be a vote on the final deal, all British people living in the EU, and our EU friends living in the UK, should have the right to take part. That’s one of the things we’re marching for on 23 June. The franchise for referendums – which this would be, legally – is decided on a case-by-case basis, so there’s everything to fight for. Will you stand up for a People’s Vote for the British in Europe? If so, please come and march behind our banners!

We will be meeting up with British in Europe outside the gates of Buckingham Palace at 11.30am before joining the main march. See the event’s Facebook page for more details, and sign up for the British in Europe mailing list here.


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