Financial issues for UK Citizens in Europe on BBC’s Moneybox

Moneybox – the BBC’s personal finance programme on Radio 4 has an episode on finance for UK Citizens living in Europe. Jane Golding was one of 3 experts on the panel to explain the issues and give their own personal perspectives. Listeners had contacted the programme before transmission to submit their questions and these covered, amongst others:

  • The impact of a No-Deal Brexit.
  • The loss of Free Movement, specifically working or offering services to a range of EU countries.
  • Recognition of Qualifications.
  • Healthcare and the transfer of UK Healthcare to another EU country.
  • Study, Erasmus and the treatment of UK Nationals resident in the EU who then wish to study in the UK.
  • Couples returning to the UK including the cost of returning and selling property abroad or even buying in the UK.
  • Aggregated Pensions across EU countries.

The programme is available via the programme’s Website.