Upcoming information events

The British Embassy is organising information events in order to ensure that Brits living in Germany are kept in the loop with information regarding the UK’s preparations to leave the EU. These events will be an opportunity for UK nationals to pose questions regarding individual situations and a British in Germany e.V. representative has also been invited to speak at each event.


  • Berlin, 30 September – register here
  • Düsseldorf, 1 October – register here
  • Frankfurt, 10 October – register here
  • Hamburg, 15 October – register here
  • Munich, 24 October – register here

Please bear in mind that interested participants will have to register in advance. Details to follow.

Also see the Embassy’s webpage.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming information events”

  1. I received this information on 01.10.2019.
    I note the event took place in Berlin the day before.

    1. Thanks for getting in touch. This post had actually been live for a couple of weeks with the information about the Berlin event, but was just updated yesterday with more information about the upcoming events in other cities.

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