Overseas voters: register now!

Regarding the General Election on December 12th:

The British in Europe Coalition has just re-released its Register to Vote website, which contains all the information British citizens living abroad need on overseas voting. All Brits living out of the UK for under 15 years, who have been registered in the last 15 years, are entitled to vote! We are recommending a proxy vote as the most reliable way to get your voice heard. The deadline for applications is in just over a week, on November 26th.

Don’t miss out, register to vote now!

5 thoughts on “Overseas voters: register now!”

  1. Thanks for the good info.
    How can we motivate the government to let all British citizens vote, inc those who have been living in Germany for more than 15 years?

    1. Hi Miranda,
      British in Europe is working with the Let us Vote campaign to try and tackle this issue. If you want to get involved, have a look at their website to learn more. You can sign their petition and email your MP to ask them to sign the pledge and support the campaign.

  2. Hi Team,
    It would be great if you could perhaps talk to the English Press in Germany to try and spread this announcement as far and as wide as possible.

  3. I left the UK in 1988 for career development in various European countries. Now I’m in Germany where I’ll probably stay. So I take it that I have no rights to vote in the UK any more???

    1. Hi Ian,
      Unfortunately you have to have been registered in the UK within the last 15 years to still be eligible to vote. British in Europe is working with the Let Us Vote campaign to try and change this: have a look at their website letusvote.org.uk to learn more and to sign their petition if you’re interested!

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