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The British Embassy will be holding another Facebook Live event, giving you a chance to get a direct answer to any Brexit-related questions you might have. The event will take place on the British Embassy Facebook page next Monday (21st of October) at 18:00-19:30. Any questions submitted during this time will receive an answer by Friday 25th at the latest.

BiG will also be monitoring the event. If you are unable to join at that time or would like to ask a question anonymously, you can submit it to us at info@britishingermany.org, and we will post it for you.

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  1. Good afternoon, I am a German national but spent all my working life in the Uk. My husband is British and we have been separated (not divorced) since I left the UK in 2004 . I receive all my pensions (state and company) from the UK and my health care is covered through the reciprocal agreement within EU countries.
    I am now 73 and would like to know whether and how the reciprocal health care will be affected. I have the German Health card from the Techniker Krankenkasse. Will I now have to become a paying member of the TK?
    Thank you for dealing with my question.
    Best regards
    Gesine Malcolm

    1. Hi Gesine,
      Very sorry for the delayed response to your question. We recently put a version of your query (anonymised) to the British Embassy during their Facebook Q+A session. Here was their response:
      “If the Withdrawal Agreement is ratified, your access to healthcare would be protected under the agreement.
      The UK has proposed to continue the current arrangements for reciprocal healthcare even in a no deal scenario. However, in the absence of an agreement to that end, if your healthcare is currently provided for by the UK government via the so-called S1 route, your S1 form would no longer be recognised by the German authorities. For this situation, the German government has already passed a Brexit social security transition law, which would allow those UK nationals currently covered by a S1 certificate to join a gesetzliche Krankenkasse within three months of exit day, without having to meet the usual conditions. You would have to pay contributions towards this insurance. This coverage would be retrospective, meaning any healthcare issues arising after exit day would be paid for by the statutory health insurer, but if you do not join immediately after exit day, you might have to pay bills in the first instance and then have them reimbursed. Therefore, we recommend that you join a German scheme as soon as possible.
      More information is available from the association of statutory health insurers here: https://www.dvka.de/de/informationen/brexit/citizens.html Please sign up for email alerts at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/living-in- germany, where we will publish further information as it becomes available.”
      We hope this response is helpful, please let us know if you have any other questions!

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