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Updates: Travel, Shopping and Residency

With a new Agreement between the UK and the EU being concluded just before Christmas and with our Withdrawal Agreement rights coming into effect, never mind the impact that the Covid-19 virus is having on travel, The Local – the largest English-language news network in Europe with five million readers every month – has reported on it all, often with assistance from British in Germany.

Find reports on:

  • the difficulties being experienced establishing your Withdrawal Agreement rights –

‘A big worry’: Why Britons living in Germany still face bureaucratic headaches over Brexit

  • the changes and problems with online shopping in the UK and the use of UK streaming services –

How the Brexit deal has changed daily lives of British residents in Europe

  • and the latest on travel, both Covid-19 and Brexit related –

‘Utter nightmare’: Brits barred from flights home to Germany amid travel chaos

UPDATE: British residents of EU told not to worry about ‘souvenir’ passport stamps

The British Embassy, the British in Germany and the British in Europe Facebook Groups are also a valuable source of updates as the situations evolve.

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