“Trust” period for employing UK citizens extended

Germany has extended the “trust” period for employing UK citizens post-Brexit to the end of 2021.

The Bundesministerium des Inneren published new instructions to employers about employing UK citizens with Withdrawal Agreement rights. The new memo now states:

“Bis zum Ende des Jahres 2021 können Sie der Aussage britischer Staatsangehöriger und ihrer Familienangehörigen vertrauen, ein Aufenthaltsrecht nach dem Austrittsabkommen zu haben.”

“Until the end of 2021, you can trust a statement by UK nationals and their family members to have a right of residence under the Withdrawal Agreement.”  

The earlier version of this sentence began “Until 30th June 2021”. So with this update the Ministry has pushed the date from which employers may ask for evidence of status to the beginning of January 2022.

The extended “trust” period reflects the reality that many residence documents have not yet been issued, and will come as a relief to all those whose employers have already asked for proof of Withdrawal Agreement rights. The memo now includes the information “Die Bearbeitung bei den Behörden kann voraussichtlich bis Ende des Jahres 2021 dauern.”

Other changes include a new link on short-term visitors from the UK carrying out “professional activities not classed as work”.

The latest version of this information for employers is published in German here brexit-informationen-arbeitgeber

Version in English Arbeitgeber-Flyer Brexit V2.0_EN-b 

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Note: if you are moving to Germany now, then you will not be covered by the Withdrawal Agreement and will need to request permission to work as a third country national. For German government information, see make-it-in-germany.com

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