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Did Chancellor Merkel really block PM May’s proposal on EU citizens?

The independent website is carrying a story that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has blocked Theresa May’s proposal to guarantee EU citizens rights before Brexit negotiations begin in earnest next year. The story originally appeared on the Politico website and was apparently discussed during the two leaders meeting at the recent NATO summit.

It’s not entirely surprising, as Merkel has made it clear that there should be no negotiations before the UK finally declares its hand and submits its request to leave the European Union according to Article 50. The German government is frustrated that the UK has not clarified its thoughts on how it sees the future relationship with its major trading partners on the continent. Merkel rejected the proposal to cement “acquired rights” at this early stage – she’s probably worried that part of the UK’s negotiating tactics is to make as many side deals as possible in advance of the formal discussion.

Of course, for both UK citizens in other European countries and for EU citizens in the UK, it’s unsatisfactory. It would be have been useful to resolve their status at this early stage. It would remove, however, one negotiation card in the current Great Game being played out between London and Brussels.

R(Miller) v. Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union

Appellant (Defendant in the High Court)
  • Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
Respondents (Claimants in the High Court)
  • Deir Tozetti Dos Santos, a British hairdresser, whose claim has joined Gina Miller’s lead claim and he is represented by Edwin Coe LLP and Dominic Chambers QC.
Interested Parties
  • The People’s Challenge: There is a further claim made by several individuals including father and son Graeme and Rob Pigney, British citizens living in France and others living in England, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and Wales all represented by law firm Bindmans and Helen Mountfield QC. They are self funding through a Crowdjustice crowdfunding campaign.  They have already reached their initial fund raising target enabling them to make written submissions on behalf of all 65 million UK citizens. The individuals involved have a blog and facebook account.   On 28th September, People’s Challenge won the right to publish secret Government defence in their case to maintain the royal prerogative. Click here for further details.
  • AB, KK, PR and children.
Active Interveners

UPDATE: The High Court Judgment on the Article 50 challenge was handed down at 10am, 3rd November 2016 in Court Room 4.  The Government lost the case and appealed.  The appeal went direct to the Supreme Court and was heard between 5-8 December with judgment likely in January. All 11 Supreme Court judges heard the appeal.  

03. November 2016 – High Court Judgment Day

  • Judgment in the Article 50 challenge handed down at 10am, 3rd November 2016 in Court in Room 4.
  • An appeal by the losing party or parties, ‘leapfrogged’ direct to the Supreme Court to be heard early in December, is very likely.
  • The People Challenge launched a new fundraising appeal to cover legal costs.  They consider it vital that ordinary people’s EU citizenship rights continue to be defended in this unprecedented important case.
  • The Guardian reports:

    High court says parliament must vote on triggering article 50 

Judgment on Article 50 Challenge – 3rd November 2016

Judgment on the Article 50 challenge will be handed down at 10am, 3rd November 2016 in Court Room 4. An appeal by the losing party or parties, ‘leapfrogged’ direct to the Supreme Court to be heard early in December, is very likely.

The Peoples Challenge have said they will be launching a new fundraising appeal tomorrow to cover legal costs and other expenses associated with the appeal.  

See details of court procedure here.

Expat Testimonial & Call For Action

 I was an ex-pat for 9 years including 7 working in Benelux, and have spent most of my career working in international teams.  I welcome our valued EU friends in the UK,  and  I agree with your approach. My slogan is:

We Lost the Vote, but We Can Still Win the Terms

Now in the months up to March 2017,  strong political pressure on specific, factual issues from the general public and interest groups such as British ex-pats is vital: to stir up public indignation at the loss of their rights & to give backbone to the “weak Remainer” majority of Conservative MP’s to limit the damage of Brexit, so forcing the UK Govt. to preserve as many current benefits of EU membership as possible in their negotiation terms.

As well as direct lobbying, one way this pressure can be focussed is by promoting UK Parliamentary Petitions that aim to protect UK ex-pats, EU expats in UK, Freedom of Movement and the Single Market in general. Any UK citizen anywhere, and any UK resident of any nationality, without age limits, can sign these. At 10,000 signatures, the Govt. must answer. At 100, 000 signatures, Parliament must debate the issue.

Please add a page listing relevant open Petitions, whether UK Parliamentary, EU, or other.

I recommend several UK Parliamentary Petitions, the first deriving from my question during the campaign “Why are the Brexiteers so willing to sign away the rights of the British people ?”:

  • “Preserve all existing rights of UK citizens to Freedom of Movement in the EU” sign here 

2nd, to include protecting our valued friends the EU citizens who are ex-pats in the UK:

  • “Keep the Free Movement of People Between the UK and the EU” sign here 

Then on specific ex-pat issues:

  • “On BREXIT British expatriates should retain their healthcare within the EU” sign here 
  • “Maintain Pension increases for British pensioners living in the EU.” sign here 
  • “Let Parliament decide whether or not we remain a member of the European Union”sign here, which needs mass support to thwart Mrs May’s plans to by-pass Parliament in calling Article 50.

Finally, why not,

  • “Recognise Brexit is too costly, cancel and prioritise spending on the NHS” sign here 

The public should be asking: which MP’s will sign away our rights ?


Jim Carter

London Borough of Harrow

MPs demand vote on hard Brexit

  • Stephen Phillips, a pro-leave Tory MP, seeks urgent debate in Commons amid calls for parliament to be given proper scrutiny of the process of leaving the EU.
  • Cross-party alliance says it should be consulted over future trade decisions, saying referendum was on EU membership; not single market.
  • Sir Keir Starmer told the BBC the referendum result “has to be accepted” but accused the PM of trying to “manoeuvre without any scrutiny” on how to achieve it.
  • Watch Sir Keir Starmer on the Andrew Marr Show: Government must not ‘fan the flames of division’