To vote in the British election on 4th July, you must register to vote by midnight UK time on Tuesday 18th June/

Remember now all British citizens can vote, wherever you live or however long you’ve lived outside of the UK.

Once you are registered, you need to organise your proxy or postal vote.  By the way, proxy is much more reliable.

Key points:

  • No time limit for overseas voters

Even if you have been out of the UK for 40 years or more, you can register and vote in the general election

  • Registration is online and easy

Here is the link to the registration website Register to vote Remember latest 18th June

  • Once you are registered, you can apply for a proxy vote

Someone in the UK (Your Proxy) can vote for you. No need to rely on slow overseas post. Proxy registration is also online Proxy request

If no-one is available in the constituency to be your proxy, someone can vote by post as a proxy for you from anywhere else in the UK. UK post obviously more reliable than overseas post.

  • UK government actions impact your rights: have your say

Now and in the future, as a British citizen your rights are affected by UK policies and actions

More information

Got questions? Need more information?  See British in Europe’s Q&A  here: British in Europe voting FAQ

Your question not answered? Try our Facebook group: British in Germany FB group 

Pass it on

If you have friends or relatives outside the UK, make sure they don’t miss out on making their voice heard. Pass the information on.

Encourage them to register as soon as they can.