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BiE Goes to London – Marching to Westminster with the People’s Vote – 23rd June

The British in Europe steering committee and our member groups warmly invite you to join us on this march, which has been organised by a coalition of pro-Europe groups to stand up for a People's Vote and for other pro-European issues. We'll be marching to raise awareness of the issues still outstanding for British citizens living in the EU, notably continuing free movement rights; and to call for the franchise for any 'People's Vote' to include ALL UKinEU and EUinUK, regardless of whether people are currently disenfranchised by the 15 year rule. So, whatever your feelings about a People's Vote, I'm sure … Continue Reading ››

Brexit & Academia: Challenges for UK scholars in Germany

KNOWLEDGE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES British citizens resident in European Union countries will be seriously affected by Brexit. Those working in research – whether at universities, public or private research institutes – are particularly vulnerable given the high degree of professional mobility that is widely viewed as essential for a successful career. Reputations in academia are increasingly dependent on international visibility and collaboration of the individual scholar. The European Union has, over recent decades, created a huge variety of instruments to promote careers in research and teaching for its citizens that cover all stages, from the early career student to the acclaimed professor. … Continue Reading ››

Freedom of Movement survey

British in Europe is carrying out a survey of its coalition members and individual supporters to gauge support for a last big push on free movement.  We know that there is a good deal of support for this in British in Germany, but want to get feedback from all our members. Please take a minute to help by filling out the survey and distributing the link:  

Update: This survey is now closed. Thank-you to those that participated.

Where does the March Agreement leave me?

On Monday 18 March, the European Commission published its third draft legal text for the Withdrawal Agreement and announced that it and the UK had reached “complete agreement” on citizens’ rights. You’re probably wondering whether that is in fact the case, and where the March agreement leaves you. This is a quick (and non-exhaustive) general summary of the state of play. It’s a mixture of good news, bad news and unfinished business, the balance of which is different for each of us, depending on the particular situation that we are in. We are still hoping that the unfinished business, such as whether we have … Continue Reading ››

Who are the Brits in Germany?

In 2016  the German Statistical Office recorded around  107,000 registered Brits living in Germany. Since June 2016, that figure has risen sharply.

North Rhein-Westphalia had the greatest number of registered Brits (26,205), followed by Bavaria (18,400) then Berlin with 12,355. 


A 2016 micro-census  by the German Statistical Office revealed that 74% of British migrants in Germany have a professional qualification. This makes them some of the most sought-after workers in Germany: only Austrian migrants had … Continue Reading ››

BiE response to agreed legal text 14 March

Brexit withdrawal agreement:  English Cheddar will have more free movement rights than Brits in Europe

  The European Commission has published the agreed legal text for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. In response, Jane Golding, Chair of British in Europe said: ‘Contrary to what David Davis and Michel Barnier are saying, this document provides no more certainty for the 1.2mn British people living in the EU 27, EEA and Switzerland than they had this morning. Not only does the text look as though it has been rushed out under pressure but in his statement, Mr Barnier once again said that … Continue Reading ››

Written Evidence to HoL. Committee

Following Jane Golding’s oral evidence to the House of Lords EU  committee, follow-up evidence on the effect of No Deal has been submitted to the inquiry. Read in full the  House of Lords Written Evidence CONCLUSIONS 25. Given all the above, in our view, there is no clear and comprehensive legal solution to the issues faced by British citizens residing in the EU or EU citizens in the UK without a deal between the EU and the UK, agreeing the principles on which the exiting rights of these citizens should be safeguarded, and setting out the detail in the Withdrawal Agreement. 26. Any … Continue Reading ››

BiE Publications

The February 2018 BiE Newsletter is here
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Over the last year, British in Europe has produced a number of papers and publications that have been widely circulated to members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, as well as to the European Commission and members of the European Parliament. Here are a few latest examples: Where does the December agreement leave me? Review of Brexit Negotiations to date Brexit Negotiations Review. Nov 2017 view the pdf here which has been sent to both sides of the negotiations. Response of British in Europe to … Continue Reading ››