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Voting in the UK – your input

Are you concerned about your voting rights in the UK?  Living in Germany?  Or anywhere else outside the UK?

Around 3.4 million British citizens living overseas are disenfranchised. More than 60% of British citizens living in the EU had no vote in the UK EU referendum that led to the removal of our EU citizenship rights and changed our lives forever.

The Elections Act 2022 restores lifelong voting rights for UK citizens living overseas. BUT the Act still needs to be implemented. Until so-called ‘secondary legislation’ goes live in the UK, the Act is more theory than practice.

Help British in Europe campaign to make sure that  secondary legislation is in place before the next national election, and that the processes to register and vote will work for all of us, you included.

You will find more information about what British in Europe is doing on the link above.  The statistics from the survey will help to explain our situation and views to the UK government and institutions.

Whatever you think, don’t miss this chance. And pass the word on to friends and relatives worldwide.  This is not just about Europe, but also about British citizens living in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

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British in Germany e.V. is run by volunteers all giving their time and their expertise for free. We therefore value your membership for 15 Euros a year, which goes towards expenses incurred in running the organisation. You can join here.