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New guidance on the proposed Dual Citizenship law now available

Following consultation which British in Germany took part in, the Germany Government have released their proposals for Dual-Citizenship during the transition period following the UK's withdrawal from the EU on 29th March, 2019. British in Germany has now analysed the new draft law and can provide you will all the information you need. Take a look at our Dual Citizenship - The Facts page and keep a look out for additional information we will publish as it becomes available via the "Your Rights" menu option at the top of the website

New information on your rights now available

At the InfoAbend events many of the same questions regarding Citizenship, Permanent Residence and the impact of a No-Deal Brexit are raised. We have therefore pulled together the information we have available and have published it on two new information pages. You can find them under the main menu option "Your Rights" or click on the links below: We hope you find this information of use.

Image: Ralf Roletsche CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

No Deal checklist

While we all hope for a Brexit deal, the risk remains of ‘No Deal’ which would bring a sudden end to the rights we currently have. It would be sensible for everyone to review and take the necessary actions to prepare for this possibility. This checklist for UK citizens in Germany has been prepared using material from: While we have done our … Continue Reading ››

Q&A on citizenship and permanent residence

To download this information in pdf form, please click here. All the information below rests on the assumption that the draft Withdrawal Agreement will be signed and ratified before the end of March next year. If this does not happen for whatever reason, there are no guarantees. You can apply for German citizenship if you’ve been living in Germany permanently for 8 years or more, or if you have been married to a German citizen for two years, living here legally for three years, and meet the general citizenship requirements. If you’ve been here between 5 and 8 years, you … Continue Reading ››

Freedom of Movement survey

British in Europe is carrying out a survey of its coalition members and individual supporters to gauge support for a last big push on free movement.  We know that there is a good deal of support for this in British in Germany, but want to get feedback from all our members. Please take a minute to help by filling out the survey and distributing the link:  

Update: This survey is now closed. Thank-you to those that participated.

Where does the March Agreement leave me?

On Monday 18 March, the European Commission published its third draft legal text for the Withdrawal Agreement and announced that it and the UK had reached “complete agreement” on citizens’ rights. You’re probably wondering whether that is in fact the case, and where the March agreement leaves you. This is a quick (and non-exhaustive) general summary of the state of play. It’s a mixture of good news, bad news and unfinished business, the balance of which is different for each of us, depending on the particular situation that we are in. We are still hoping that the unfinished business, such as whether we have … Continue Reading ››

Who are the Brits in Germany?

In 2016  the German Statistical Office recorded around  107,000 registered Brits living in Germany. Since June 2016, that figure has risen sharply.

North Rhein-Westphalia had the greatest number of registered Brits (26,205), followed by Bavaria (18,400) then Berlin with 12,355. 


A 2016 micro-census  by the German Statistical Office revealed that 74% of British migrants in Germany have a professional qualification. This makes them some of the most sought-after workers in Germany: only Austrian migrants had … Continue Reading ››

Your rights: links

Resource base for information and articles: EU negotiations on citizens' rights from Remain in France Together (RIFT) July 2017 European Parliament Briefings Paper EU and UK position on citizens’ rights

European Commission Sources with information which applies to British citizens resident /working in another EU country (before BREXIT)

Live, work and travel in the EU

Working in another EU country

Healthcare in another EU Country

State pensions in another EU country

British Government Sources with information on BREXIT

UK Nationals in the EU: what you need to knowContinue Reading ››