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Report on Berlin Brexit Infoabend & ‘Don’t go Brexit my Heart’ party

Hi, I’m Adam Takar,  just arrived into Berlin to be one of the BiG interns for the next 6 months or so.  I'm a French and German student at Oxford Uni in my third year abroad. The party happened on my second day in Berlin, so that was a great way to get to feel for what I'm in for.   And it didn't disappoint! On Friday 31st August, British in Germany hosted a public Infoabend and Party at Freudenzimmer in Mehringdamm, Berlin. The Infoabend consisted of a panel of five speakers, chaired by BiG’s own Daniel Tetlow. Speaking were Andrew Connell … Continue Reading ››

What it means for Brits living in Germany – Frankfurt am Main – 2nd October

While the terms of Britain's exit from the EU are still under negotiation, British citizens find themselves in a state of uncertainty with many asking themselves the question: "How will Brexit affect my work, my family and my future in Germany?" Following the success of the first event, British in Germany, a group dedicated to protecting the rights of British citizens in Germany in the BREXIT negotiations, and HM Consul General, Rafe Courage, invite you to catch-up on the latest status of the withdrawal negotiations and to discuss and explore topics such as residency requirements, dual citizenship, freedom of movement, health insurance, pension rights and recognition of … Continue Reading ››

British in Hamburg Stammtisch – 28th August

British in Hamburg are hosting a very causal Stammtisch for all Brits in Hamburg to get together. Meet us outside Haus 73 on the Schulterblatt at 19:00 and we’ll work out where to go based on how many people come along. Looking forward to seeing you! Also see our Events Calendar.

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Report on the Open Evening For British Citizens in Stuttgart in Evang. Bildungszentrum Hospitalhof – July 25th

Last Wednesday the 25th of July the British Embassy hosted an open evening in the Hospitalhof in Stuttgart. David Hole from British in Germany was present and was on the panel along with Prisca Merz the representative for citizens’ rights to Germany and Austria, HM General Consul for Munich Simon Kendall and British honorary consul Dr. Fritz Oesterle. The event itself was well attended and audience participation was lively, with many of the questions being focused around citizenship. The outline made by Simon Kendall at the beginning of the evening was similar … Continue Reading ››

Open Evening For British Citizens in Berlin at the British Embassy – August 23rd

Berlin, Thurs. 23 August, 6 p.m., venue British Embassy, Wilhelmstraße 70/71, 10117 Berlin Organised by the British Embassy in Berlin with independent representation from  British in Germany from Jane Golding. This British Embassy event can be found on their Facebook page, but we have repeated the text here for your convenience.
Safeguarding the rights of British nationals living and working in the EU remains a top priority for both the UK and the EU and the British community in Germany is an important part of the future UK-Germany relationship. We are continuing our series of information evenings across Germany to ensure British citizens have … Continue Reading ››

Report on the march to Westminster with the People’s Vote – 23rd June

Under bright skies and warm weather British in Germany, together with other coalition groups from around Europe and under the joint banner of British in Europe gathered in London to join the People’s Vote March. We met in front of Buckingham Palace at midday and the Queen considerately arranged for a military band to play us some music (OK, I think it was the regular Changing of the Guard, but it certainly added to the atmosphere). Just inside Green Park we prepared our banners before heading to Pall Mall to join the march. In … Continue Reading ››

Report on BiG Marching in Berlin – 23rd June

On Saturday 23th June while the People's Vote march was taking place in London, 2000 people gathered before Friedrichstrasse S-Bahn station to march for a New Europe. Amongst the fifty or so official partners was a small group of members from the British in Germany's Berlin section. 'Bedeckt' with EU blue and gold and carrying the placards provided with slogans like "für ein Europa ohne Mauern" - for a Europe without walls. The atmosphere was positive, happy and peaceful; we even made the policemen smile. Our first stop was the British embassy, here … Continue Reading ››