Who we are

British in Germany actively campaigns for the rights the of UK citizens in Germany and the rights of German citizens in the UK.  The group is part of the European wide coalition British in Europe representing UK citizens living and working across the continent. We proudly stand for a open, inclusive British, European identity.

British in Germany and British in Europe want to actively ensure that citizen rights of Brits in Germany and the EU and EU citizens in the UK are fairly and equally represented in forthcoming Brexit discussions.

The 11 citizen groups across Europe come with professional expertise and experience in the start-up, media, legal, financial, academic, musical and business industries.

British in Germany and the coalition group British in Europe was created in early 2017 to allow for better coordination between the varied British citizenship groups across Europe in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.  The group proudly and actively represents a wider British European mind set of co-operation and inclusivity.

Below is the complete list of the groups in the coalition and associate members with links to their individual websites:


To read more about the coalition campaign priorities, click here

If you want more information either get in touch with us directly, or with the different groups via their websites.

CONTACT US here or see the signup list in the sidebar.


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