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British in Germany (BiG) actively campaigns for the rights of UK citizens in Germany, and German and EU citizens in the UK.

With less than one year to go before Britain leaves the EU, around 4.2 million people—1.2m Brits in Europe and 3m EU nationals in the UK—still stand to lose their fundamental rights, which are not ‘done and dusted’ for anyone.

Phase 1 of the Brexit negotiations ended in December 2017, with the signing of a draft political agreement, which is not legally binding, and citizens’ rights have not been ring-fenced. The outstanding questions for us are:

  • after Brexit, will Brits in the EU lose their free movement?
  • will other EU countries recognise our qualifications?
  • what will happen when our current or future partners want to join us here in Germany, or when want to return with them to the UK?
  • what happens to our residence rights if we leave Germany for a sustained period?

BiG campaigns in Germany from the federal to the local level to ensure that lawmakers take our concerns into account. We equally welcome non-British members, as Brexit is going to regrettably affect all EU citizens. We also inform and organise locally so that Brits are kept up to speed on the negotiations, and can take action to ensure their rights.

We are currently in the process of being registered in Germany as a voluntary association (eingetragener Verein, e.V. for short).

We are always looking for more support and volunteers. We are organised federally, and have local groups in Berlin, Bavaria (including Nuremburg and Munich), Hamburg, Paderborn, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Leipzig. To get in touch, contact us here. 

We are part of the Europe-wide coalition British in Europe (BiE), which represents UK citizens living and working across the continent. We proudly stand for an open, inclusive British, European identity. 

Working together with The 3 Million, BiG and BiE want to actively ensure that the citizens’ rights are fairly and equally represented in the ongoing Brexit discussions. Until a legal agreement is signed that guarantees all our existing rights, our lives, livelihoods, and families continue to face huge uncertainty.

BiE’s 11 groups across Europe come with professional expertise and experience in the start-up, media, legal, financial, academic, musical and business industries.

BiG and BiE were created in early 2017 to allow for better coordination between the varied British citizenship groups across Europe in the Brexit negotiations.

Below is the complete list of the groups in the BiE coalition and associate members with links to their individual websites:

To read more about the coalition campaign priorities, click here.  If you want more information, CONTACT US here.


A coalition member of British in Europe

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