British in Germany

British in Germany proudly stands for an open inclusive British-European identity.

After the outcome of the Brexit referendum in June 2016, British citizens across Europe faced huge uncertainty about their professional and personal lives living in the European Union.   

As British in Germany we continue to:

  • Campaign for and raise awareness of the rights of UK citizens living in Germany and support campaigns standing up for the citizen rights of German and EU citizens in the UK.
  • Engage with and lobby political bodies and government authorities in the EU, Germany and the UK as well as industry groups and other interested parties.
  • Belong to the British in Europe Coalition and coordinate our activities with the coalition and other groups representing UK citizens in the EU and EEA and EU citizens in the UK such as
  • Organise events and provide opportunities for UK citizens living in Germany to discuss issues, to lobby for their rights and to build networks that provide mutual support.

For more information about the current activities of British in Germany in 2024 see here.

You can visit the British in Europe website for more information on the work of the Europe-wide coalition.

*** And 2 shout outs:

*Did you know that all British citizens, where ever we live and for how ever long living out of the UK, can now vote in the UK.   Read more here..

*And a shout out to all British overseas citizens (both in Europe and the rest of the world)  to take part in this ground breaking survey on lifelong voting right for British citizens. ***