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While British in Germany operates on the basis of all our volunteers giving their free time, we do inevitably incur expenses. We would therefore ask you to become a Member—which costs €15 per year—or make a one-off or recurring donation to help us cover our costs.

On your behalf, our BiG advocacy team travel to Brussels to meet members of the European Parliament and the Commission to represent you and argue for the best possible rights for all of us after Brexit. They also travel to meet members of the German Parliament and Government to help secure the rights of British citizens here in Germany. While they give their time freely, we feel it right that we reimburse their travel costs. Similarly, we also hold meetings around Germany for British citizens, which incur travel expenses and publicity costs. We would also like to open a small office if funding permits, and grant a small bursary to our full-time unpaid intern.

If you’d like to make a donation, we’d like to encourage you to pay by bank transfer because this way, neither you nor BiG pay any bank fees.  Our bank details are as follows, and you can also download them here.  If you’d prefer, you can also donate via PayPal on the next page, once you’ve filled in your details below.

Bank: Berliner Sparkasse

Account holder: British in Germany

IBAN: 18100500000190727144


Annual membership costs €15. Members can vote at Annual General Meetings, and receive information on negotiations prior to publication.  You can also pay your membership fee via bank transfer (details above).

I understand that by filling out this form my personal details will be stored in accordance with British in Germany’s data protection policies which can be found here.

On the next screen you will be able to choose whether to join British in Germany, or only to donate, and you will be invited to submit your payment details via PayPal.

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