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British in Germany (BiG) is a registered Association (eingetragener Verein or e.V. for short) no. VR36651 B, and works to safeguard the rights of the over 120,000 UK citizens living in Germany.

All our members are volunteers who give their time for free. We actively campaign and inform at the national level, travelling to meet members of the German Parliament and government, and German MEPs, to make the case for British citizens continuing to live here unhindered after Brexit.  When Covid restrictions permit, we hold ‘InfoAbends’ around Germany for British citizens, which incur travel expenses and publicity costs, and run campaigns to highlight key rights that we all want to hold onto, such as Freedom of Movement.

Your support

With your help, we can continue to fund our lobbying and campaigning work, produce new publicity materials and research, and get administrative back-up, if funding permits.  Though Brexit has been decided the campaigning, advocacy and information role remains very important, in order for us to continue to live our lives unhindered in Germany, despite major changes in our EU citizenship status. 

If you’d like to make a donation, or join as a member (which costs €15 per annum plus any additional donation you would like to make), we’d like to encourage you to pay by bank transfer because this way, neither you nor BiG pay any fees.

The bigger picture – the coalition, British in Europe’s advocacy work at UK, EU and EU 27 level

But it’s not just us in Germany who are affected. We don’t and can’t work alone on this: Brits across Europe, and EU citizens in the UK—a total of around 4.2 million people—also need their fundamental rights protected. If you’d like to support the high-level advocacy campaign of the coalition of UK citizens’ group, British in Europe, of which we are a founding member, you can find out more about the coalition’s priorities, and make a donation.

How to support us at British in Germany

You can support us by making a donation and for a minimum donation of €15, become a member.

Our bank details for donations are as follows:

Bank: Berliner Sparkasse
Account holder: British in Germany
IBAN: DE18 1005 0000 0190 7271 44

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If you do not wish to join but wish an acknowledgement of your donation or via bank transfer, please email info(at) to enable us to contact you.

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