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BiG is inviting submissions from members in response to German draft bill

This consultation is now closed. We thank those that took time to send in their responses.

On 18.07.2018 British in Germany e.V. was contacted by the German Federal Foreign Office and invited to comment on a draft bill (“BrexitÜG”).

The draft bill is intended to provide legal certainty where provisions in German federal law refer to membership of the European Union or the European Atomic Energy Community.

Furthermore, the draft bill sets out a regulation regarding applications for German citizenship made by British … Continue Reading ››

Join us and become a Member today

Last night we contacted all our supporters to encourage them to join and become Members. This drive will help British in Germany increase its funds to continue the work we are doing supporting UK Citizens living in Germany. A copy of the letter is shown below. June 2018  Dear Sir/Madam,  We’re getting in touch because you have been interested/active in supporting the work of British in Germany.  As some of you will appreciate, the next few … Continue Reading ››

Meeting with the Exiting the European Union Committee in London

Today, 6th June, Nicholas Hatton, Co-chair, the3million, Anne Laure Donskoy, Co-chair, the3million, and Barbara Drozdowicz, Chief Executive Officer, East European Resource Centre; Fiona Godfrey, Chair, British Immigrants living in Luxembourg (BRILL), and Deputy Chair of British in Europe, Jane Golding, Co-Chair, British in Germany, and Chair of British in Europe, Michael Harris, Chair, EuroCitizens, Spain, and Kalba Meadows, Founder, Remain in France Together (RIFT), France all met with and provided evidence to the Exiting the European Union Committee in London. The meeting was divided into two sessions, one covering the situation of EU Citizens in the UK and the second covering … Continue Reading ››

161% increase in Brits gaining German citizenship in 2017

The official, Germany-wide figures on naturalisation (Einbürgerung) in 2017 have been published today. You can find the German-language press release from the Federal Statistical office here. In 2017, the overall number of applications for German citizenship was up 1.7%. Here's a summary of the key data:
  • Brits (7,493) were second only to the Turks (14,984) in the overall figures (total: 112,211), which means 161% more Brits than in 2016!
  • Taking just EU countries, the Brits take the lead in naturalisation.
  • This represents 10% of the potential: only 1 in 10 Brits who are officially eligible for German citizenship have acquired it, … Continue Reading ››

When Emma met Eddie…

Meet British in Germany’s new intern Emma Corris.  Eddie Izzard did! Emma’s only been in Berlin 3 weeks and has has already written a front page article in the local Leipzig Glocal, motivating a turnout of over 60 Brits at the first Leipzig British in Germany meeting on 16  May. The whole British in Germany team want to welcome Emma to Berlin, and her work is already having a strong impact on the BiG campaigns going all out in the crucial few months ahead.

10% of Brits in Leipzig attend first BiG event

On Wednesday 16 May, we were delighted to be able to host the first ever British in Germany event in Leipzig. The event was attended by Mr. Tim Jones, head of the Economic, Finance and Trade Team at the British Embassy, and featured a talk from Daniel Tetlow, co-founder of BiG. David Smith, Head of the Leipzig International School, very kindly agreed to moderate the evening. There were  roughly 60 attendees which, on the basis of latest German statistics, means that 10 per cent of registered Brits in Leipzig turned up. Particular thanks … Continue Reading ››

David Davies before the House of Lords Select Committee

David Davies appeared before the House of Lords European Union Select Committee on Tuesday 1 May 2018 Meeting started at 16:28, ended 18.02. UK Citizens in the EU were mentioned briefly at 16:53. David Davies acknowledged that UK citizens did move between Member States, for example, living in one state while working in another but appeared to suggested this was confined to those living near borders and in the Low Countries, rather than acknowledging that this affected not only UK citizens living near another state's border, but all UK citizens who for example live in one state and have to travel for work … Continue Reading ››

Brexit & Academia: Challenges for UK scholars in Germany

KNOWLEDGE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES British citizens resident in European Union countries will be seriously affected by Brexit. Those working in research – whether at universities, public or private research institutes – are particularly vulnerable given the high degree of professional mobility that is widely viewed as essential for a successful career. Reputations in academia are increasingly dependent on international visibility and collaboration of the individual scholar. The European Union has, over recent decades, created a huge variety of instruments to promote careers in research and teaching for its citizens that cover all stages, from the early career student to the acclaimed professor. … Continue Reading ››