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New guidance on the proposed Dual Citizenship law now available

Following consultation which British in Germany took part in, the Germany Government have released their proposals for Dual-Citizenship during the transition period following the UK's withdrawal from the EU on 29th March, 2019. British in Germany has now analysed the new draft law and can provide you will all the information you need. Take a look at our Dual Citizenship - The Facts page and keep a look out for additional information we will publish as it becomes available via the "Your Rights" menu option at the top of the website

Join the Last Mile Citizens’ e-lobby

The Last Mile Citizens' Lobby is now approaching its climax with the mass lobby in London on 5th November. However whether you are able to attend or not you can still take part in the lobbying activity by writing to your MP. As British in Europe say:

What are we lobbying for?

It’s been over two years since the EU referendum, and as March 2019 draws closer the many months of negotiations might still come to nothing if the EU and the UK don’t reach an agreement on Brexit. Enough is enough – we need the UK government and the EU to honour … Continue Reading ››

New information on your rights now available

At the InfoAbend events many of the same questions regarding Citizenship, Permanent Residence and the impact of a No-Deal Brexit are raised. We have therefore pulled together the information we have available and have published it on two new information pages. You can find them under the main menu option "Your Rights" or click on the links below: We hope you find this information of use.

Image: Ralf Roletsche CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

No Deal checklist

While we all hope for a Brexit deal, the risk remains of ‘No Deal’ which would bring a sudden end to the rights we currently have. It would be sensible for everyone to review and take the necessary actions to prepare for this possibility. This checklist for UK citizens in Germany has been prepared using material from: While we have done our … Continue Reading ››

Q&A on citizenship and permanent residence

To download this information in pdf form, please click here. All the information below rests on the assumption that the draft Withdrawal Agreement will be signed and ratified before the end of March next year. If this does not happen for whatever reason, there are no guarantees. You can apply for German citizenship if you’ve been living in Germany permanently for 8 years or more, or if you have been married to a German citizen for two years, living here legally for three years, and meet the general citizenship requirements. If you’ve been here between 5 and 8 years, you … Continue Reading ››

BiG welcome to new Erasmus trainees

Connie Simms and Adam Takar have arrived in Berlin to step into the large shoes of Emma Corris who’s been the BiG Erasmus trainee since April 2018.   Big thanks goes to Emma for such tireless, committed work taking BiG to new heights this year.  She returns to complete her fourth and final year in German and French at Oxford University. Connie and Adam come from the same Erasmus university scheme as Emma.  They had a useful week’s handover with Emma at the beginning of September starting off with the infamous ‘Don’t Go Brexit My Heart’ Party and Infoabend … Continue Reading ››

The Last Mile Citizens’ Lobby

British in Europe together with the 3million and UNISON are organising a series of event around the UK and Brussels culminating in a march on Westminster on the 5th November. Please follow the news and developments on the British in Europe website, but here are some highlights: Liverpool 25 September:  BiE Chair Jane Golding and Nicolas Hatton of the3million will co-chair a Labour Conference fringe event. She will explode the myth that our rights have been sorted and underline the huge importance of freedom of movement for UKinEU citizens. Birmingham 1 October: Fiona Godfrey … Continue Reading ››

British in Europe writes to the UK and EU Negotiating Teams

You have probably already seen the 2nd Open Letter that British in Europe has written to Dominic Raab in the UK and Michel Barnier in the EU regarding the fate of EU and UK citizens in a "no-deal" Brexit scenario. If you haven't, please take time to take a look now. Maybe you could bring it to the attention of your UK MP or your MEP in Brussels. We are also planning to start a grassroots letter writing campaign to MdBs asap so please keep an eye out for that. We only ask that the UK and EU agree to … Continue Reading ››