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Stammtische in Germany – 12th December

Nationwide British in Germany Stammtische on 12th December!


After today´s dramatic “postponement” of the vote in Parliament – and the ECJ ruling – there´s even more to talk about at your British in Germany Stammtisch! So we are definitely going ahead with this initiative.

We hope you have good attendance and a lively discussion on Wednesday!

Let’s keep calm and carry on!

In these Brexit times of great unease and uncertainty, British in Germany e.V. wants to give Brits living across the whole country the chance to get together locally and let off a bit of steam. So British in in Germany ‘Stammtische’ are planned to all happen next Wednesday night 12th December (the day after the vote in Parliament).

The Stammtische will be a great chance for you to share personal experiences and concerns, to chew over some of the remaining unknowns that will definitely still exist and discuss the option of meeting together more regularly, formally or informally, with the support of our Verein British in Germany e.V. www.britishingermany.org

To find your nearest British in Germany Stammtisch, see the list below and encourage friends and family in the area to join! And you don’t have to be British – as many other nationalities stand to be impacted by Brexit too.

We look forward to hearing how it goes!

*Please note that the events in Heidelberg and Stuttgart are meetings that have been pre-arranged that you are also welcome to attend. For more information see event descriptions.

Fässla Keller
Moosstraße 32, 96050 Bamberg, Germany

Brewdog Berlin Mitte 
Ackerstraße 29, 10115 Berlin
* Due to a limited amount of places, please RSVP to this event by email by Sunday at 5PM if you wish to attend.

Loft Bremen
Bahnhofsplatz 5-7, 28195 Bremen, Germany

The Corkonian Irish Pub
Altermarkt 51, 50667 Cologne, Germany

Motel One Düsseldorf – Hauptbahnhof
Immermannstraße 54, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

The Fox and Hound
Niedenau Str 2, 60325 Frankfurt, Germany

Weihnachtsmarkt am Gänsemarkt
Gänsemarkt, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

Infoabend on the 13th of December
Stadtbücherei Heidelberg
Poststraße 15, 69115 Heidelberg

Restaurant Andria
Nikolaistraße 22, 04109 Leipzig
19:00 (if you can arrive at least 10 mins early to allow numbers to be gauged that would be useful)

Café Central Magdeburg
Sternstraße 30, 39104, Magdeburg, Germany

Me and all Hotels
Binger Straße 23, 55131

Schützenwirt Miesbach
Am Windfeld 23, 83714 Miesbach

Munich (2 Stammtische)
1. Ayinger Ottobrunn – Das Wirtshaus am Rathausplatz
Rathausplatz 2, 85521 Ottobrunn

2. Gaststätte Rumpler
Baumstraße 21, 80469 München

Adina Apartment Hotel
Dr Kurt Schumacher Str 1-7, 90402 Nürnberg

Seeheim – Jugenheim
Das Laternchen
Bergstraße 19, 64342
* On the 11th of December not the 12th!

Christmas Drinks Gathering on the 13th of December
Academie der Schönen Künste
Charlottenstraße 5, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

Der Italiener da Marco Alt
Kurfürstenstr. 47, 54516 Wittlich

Report on the InfoAbend in Bremen, 13th November

Adam Takar, one of the British in Germany Interns, reports on the recent InfoAbend in Bremen.

Last Tuesday, the British Embassy held a citizens’ info event in the Bremen Chamber of Commerce with British in Germany e.V. and the Migrationsamt. The night kicked off with drinks and discussion, where Brits got to meet and get to know each other. Although Daniel and I arrived late thanks to a sudden train cancellation (so much for the famed German efficiency), Daniel Tetlow nevertheless made up for it with a well-received speech. The Embassy, though their hands are still tied, could not offer much in the way of any new information or reassurance beyond the same line they have been towing over the past few months; that they are unsure of what will happen in the event of a no deal, and that they can only provide guidance on what should be done as stated in the draft Withdrawal Agreement.

Daniel Tetlow, co-founder of British in Germany e.V. talking alongside British Honorary Consul Ubbo Oltmanns, Robbie Bulloch, British Deputy Head of Mission and Prisca Merz, Regional Consular Policy Advisor Germany, Austria.

Fortunately, despite it being last minute, I was asked to speak too during BiG’s speech, making up for the fact I was not able to as part of the mass lobby on the 5th. I’d never done anything quite like this before, so was a little shaky getting up on the podium, and, though I was perhaps a little less well-versed in public-speaking than Daniel, it was a worthwhile experience to put a smile on some of the audience’s faces. A young voice has been largely missing from the Brexit debates and negotiations in Britain so far, and thus BiG offering Connie and me to actually speak in a public setting has been something we are both very grateful for.

Following the speeches, came the Q&A, which focused predominantly on issues of overseas housing, what Germany’s policies will be post-Brexit day (no more information here as of when I’m writing), healthcare, voter registration and pet passports, an issue surprisingly never asked about previously. Prisca Merz of the Embassy was extremely helpful as always giving citizens an update of the current situation, but, as we can expect, not many concrete answers could really be given at the time, e.g. that economically inactive Britons in the EU will be able to claim healthcare costs from the NHS if there is a deal, and that pet passports may have new requirements in the event of a no deal etc. In short, answers tended to be more conditional than definite.

British in Germany has, as a result of the event, managed to raise €135 from donations, which, as always, we are extremely appreciative of. We got to know several more Brits in Germany, and we’d invite anyone who hasn’t, to either become a member, or send us a donation. In this especially turbulent political climate, all the support you can give is much appreciated to ensure that we can continue preserving British citizens’ rights here in Germany. We have even featured in local news as a result of the event: 

Finally, for any Brits in and around Bremen, we would love to invite you to our first Stammtisch event! This will be a more relaxed evening where you can meet fellow Brits and discuss the latest developments re: Brexit. We look forward to seeing you at Loft (Bahnhofspl. 5, Bremen – above Paddy’s) from 19:30 on Wednesday 28th November.

If there are any remaining questions that could have been asked, feel free to email us at info@britishingermany.org and we will do our best to try and help you.

InfoAbend in Heidelberg – 13th December

British in Germany representative Dave Hole together with the British Consulate Munich and the Deutsch Britische Gesellschaft Rhein-Neckar e.V are holding an InfoAbend in Heidelberg.

Stadtbücherei Heidelberg
Poststraße 15, 69115, Heidelberg, Germany

18:00 – 20:30

The British Consulate Munich and the Deutsch Britische Gesellschaft Rhein-Neckar e.V. will host an Open Evening for UK Nationals in Heidelberg on Thursday 13 December at 6pm at the Heidelberg Stadtbuecherei.

British Consul General Simon Kendall will give an update on the status of negotiations on citizens’ rights and what this means for you. Joining him will be Nicola Hayton (President of the DBG Rhein-Neckar e.V) and David Hole (British in Germany). Following the opening remarks, are speakers are primarily here to answer your questions about your rights post-Brexit. The event is primarily aimed at British nationals living in and around Heidelberg. Family members and friends are of course welcome to attend.

Doors open at 5.30 pm. The event will run from 6pm to 8.30 pm. We look forward to welcoming you then.

This event can also be found in our Events Calendar.

Image – By Christian Bienia. – Farbkorrektur von de:Bild:Heidelberg.jpg by Godewind 18:13, 1 January 2006 (UTC), CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=489975

Report on the British in Bavaria Munich Stammtisch – 26th November

“Ich glaub nicht, dass ich rausgeworfen werde.”

With the threat of a “no deal” looming ever larger, about 50 Brits in Munich gathered on Monday evening, 26 November, for a Stammtisch entitled “End Game – Are you ready?”.

A journalist and a photographer from the Süddeutsche Zeitung came along to report on our concerns at this critical point in the Brexit process. Worries centred on residence status post Brexit, loss of onward freedom of movement, healthcare costs, citizenship and family reunion. Comparisons were also drawn with the plight of EU citizens in the UK.

The organising team of British in Bavaria gave updates on the main themes, reporting on recent lobbying activities and urging all Brits to consult the “no deal checklist” on the British in Germany website. Then followed a Q&A session and an exchange of views on what happens next.

The article from the Süddeutsche Zeitung can be access by clicking on their icon below:The latest British in Bavaria Newsletter is also available and can be downloaded below.

Images (c) – Clive Ashbolt


Stuttgart Christmas Drinks, 13th December

The Stuttgart chapter will be holding a Christmas drinks party on Thursday, 13 December, an opportunity to meet the new committee and hear about some of the events planned for 2019! All welcome!

Academie der Schönsten Künste, 70182 ,Stuttgart-Mitte

From 19:00 onwards

Details are also available in a flyer, download by clicking on the icon beneath.

This event also appears in our Events Calendar.

Image: By Julian Herzog, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=43511715

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Bremen Stammtisch, 28th November

After a successful first event in Bremen with the British Embassy, we would love to invite you to our first Stammtisch event! This will be a more relaxed evening where you can meet fellow Brits and discuss the latest developments re. Brexit. We look forward to seeing you.

Loft Bremen
Bahnhofsplatz 5 – 7, 28195 Bremen

19:30 – ??

This events also appears in our Events Calendar.

Image: Von Jürgen Howaldt CC BY-SA 2.0 de, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2088709

Report on InfoAbend in Essen, 31st October

Constance Simms, one of the British in Germany Interns, reports on the recent InfoAbend in Essen.

The InfoAbend in Essen took place on the 31st of October in the Volkshochschule, Burgplatz Essen, with BiG representative Jenny Hayhurst joining Rafe Courage (British Consul General Düsseldorf), Bernhard Nadorf (Chair of the Deutsch- Englische-Gesellschaft Ruhr e.V.) and Frau Anjelika Fischer (there as a representative of the town of Essen) for a discussion on the current state of negotiations, followed by a lengthy Q&A session.

Making my way to the venue through the streets of Essen, I was confronted by many a horrific apparition due to the meeting falling on Halloween Eve. Witches, ghosts and a splattering of fake blood greeted me as I hurried along, however the scariest spectre of the evening was yet to be encountered, that of a No Deal Brexit.

It was this fear of a No Deal scenario, due to our proximity to the withdrawal date, that permeated the atmosphere of the evening.

Following an opening statement by Bernhard Nadorf, wherein all the speakers were introduced, Mr Courage took to the floor. He underlined the futility of a No Deal scenario for everyone involved, emphasising that his colleagues were working hard to ensure a deal so that an agreement would be reached to permit EU citizens in the UK, and UK citizens in the EU to continue living their lives more or less as they hitherto have been.

Mr Courage was followed by BiG’s Jenny Hayhurst, who opened with a challenge to the commonly held image of British citizens in Europe, reminding the panel and audience that of the 1.2 million British citizens in the EU, over 84% are under 65 and thus of working age. In a further sting, she reiterated how 60% of these British citizens were disenfranchised in the referendum, a referendum that has tossed many of their lives into an agonising state of limbo. Ms Hayhurst stressed that although in practical terms it was a sensible idea for British citizens living in Germany to collect as comprehensive a stack of documents as possible in order to prove their status should Britain crash out of the EU, the best solution is to make sure that Citizens Rights (as laid out in the Withdrawal Agreement) are ring fenced, in order to restore a semblance of stability to the 1.2 million British lives on the continent.

Frau Anjelika Fischer addressed the crowd next with her practical approach to taking German citizenship, accompanied by an informative slideshow that explained why to do this, who is eligible, and how to go about being naturalised.

The subsequent Q&A was under Chatham House rules, so I am somewhat limited in what I can report regarding the questions or the panel’s answers. I am, however, able to disclose that a lot of questions concentrated on the subject of British citizens returning to Britain with their European spouses in the event of No Deal. Further questions revealed that pensions, cross border payments and travel restrictions were also a top priority, along with the question of German citizenship (for which Frau Fischer’s presence was indispensable).

The questions revealed a sense of growing distrust among British citizens in Germany towards the British authorities, and a strong frustration about the lack of information available when we are so close to the Brexit date of the end of March 2019. Many felt that the lack of provision made by the British Government has left them in a state of great uncertainty. BiG’s Jenny Hayhurst was especially tactful in addressing this issue in her speech, pressing the panel’s British Government representatives for more answers to the many vital, unanswered questions. BiG are making a formal record of all the questions asked and the answers given, in order to pursue answers from the British authorities in the forthcoming months.

The BiG’s InfoAbends are continuing around the country, with the next one taking place on the 13th of November in Bremen. More information is on our website and our facebook page.

Foto: (c) British in Germany and by Tuxyso / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=20104589