The priorities we’ve set out so far are to:

  1. build coalitions with other expat groups/European civil society groups/political parties.
  2. make clear that any invocation of Article 50 cannot be effected through the royal prerogative by the Prime Minister without any reference to the UK Parliament. The referendum was advisory and not legally binding and the United Kingdom is a representative democracy where parliament is sovereign. This is a fundamental principle of our unwritten constitution. This means that what Parliament enacts, only Parliament, not the Prime Minister acting alone, can undo.
  3. safeguard the rights of Brits living in the EU along with EU citizens in the UK. Post Brexit vote, EU citizens across Europe face huge uncertainty about their professional and personal futures in the UK and the EU. There are various Parliamentary select committees considering this issue and we are lobbying them to gain maximum representation for Brits in Europe.  We also intend to lobby on the same issues at EU level.
  4. start a dialogue with the German authorities on behalf of Brits living in Germany.

In light of priority 1, we thought it useful to first have some idea of what different groups are up to.  So click on LIST OF GROUPS here or above and you’ll see the groups campaigning to defend the rights of British citizens in continental Europe and EU citizens in the UK. The list is not definitive, so please let us know of any other groups you come across.