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British in Germany e.V. on Clubhouse

A few weeks ago, some of the social media team at British in Germany e.V. tested a new app called Clubhouse. Clubhouse is an app where people can meet and discuss different topics in a drop-in audio conference setting.

Why did we choose to do this? In our social-media groups we found that many people have been missing the local Stammtische and contact to other Brits. There have also been many questions coming up again and again in the Facebook groups. We want to provide a place where we can discuss different themes and topics about being British in Germany.

Discussions thus far have covered:

  1. Introduction session / How does Clubhouse work? / Welcome
  2. Residency and Citizenship
  3. British and German foods, which is the “wurst”?
  4. Family differences
  5. Current situation in Germany vs. the UK (residency, travel, lockdown, etc)

Hosts on British in Germany Clubhouse are Ellie, Will and Sara who are based in Hamburg and Berlin.

Note that this is not an advice session, but simply an opportunity to get together informally and share experiences and ideas.  Please bring your ideas and consider stepping on stage to share your thoughts in our discussion.

Join us in our weekly meetings on Wednesday at 18:30 German time on Clubhouse. More information under the events post on British in Germany e.V. Facebook.

If you are already on the platform, please join our club and you’ll get notifications for our upcoming events.

If you have an iPhone / iPad but do not yet have a Clubhouse App account, please contact us under the events post on British in Germany e.V. Facebook for an invitation.

Please note that at this time Clubhouse is only officially offered on iPhones and iPads. We are hopeful that this will change soon. As this is an informal get-together there will be no minutes officially taken or published.

We look forward to having many of you join and to hearing your thoughts on the week’s topic.

By Sara Gordon.

For more information about residency in Germany under the Withdrawal Agreement click here.

For more information about Withdrawal Agreement rights in general see the British in Europe publications here.

Want to let us know what is happening? To complete a survey click here.


British in Germany e.V.  is solely run by volunteers giving their time and support to the organisation for free.   We’d welcome your support and/or membership for a mere 15 Euros a year. You can find more information here. 

Image from Pixabay.

DBG invite to ‘Future of Island of Ireland’ online discussion

29th June 2020 18.00 Online

The Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft was founded in 1949 to foster friendship between Germany and the UK.  The usual physical meetings are not possible at the moment, so the organisation is testing the online waters with an event on 29th June at 18:00 on ‘The Future of the Island of Ireland’.

“The “backstop”, probably the most contested issue in the first chapter of the Brexit negotiations between the UK government and the European Union, has been replaced with an alternative trading scheme, allowing the Irish Border to be kept open.”

Lisa Claire Whitten, Queen’s University Belfast and Mary C. Murphy, University of Cork  will talk about what’s next for Northern Ireland, how the outcome of Ireland’s General Election can be explained and what this means for the UK and the EU.

The event has  already generated a lot of interest, but the DBG has been able to extend capacity. So if you would like to attend, register as soon as possible via the link below.

Embassy Event in Paderborn

The British Embassy will be holding an information event for UK citizens in Paderborn on December 2nd. This will involve updates from the British Consul General and from the Paderborn Ausländerbehörde, followed by a Q&A session. Members from BiG will also be present.

The event is free but registration beforehand is required. See this site for more information and to register now.


Embassy Facebook Live Q+A

The British Embassy will be holding another Facebook Live event, giving you a chance to get a direct answer to any Brexit-related questions you might have. The event will take place on the British Embassy Facebook page next Monday (21st of October) at 18:00-19:30. Any questions submitted during this time will receive an answer by Friday 25th at the latest.

BiG will also be monitoring the event. If you are unable to join at that time or would like to ask a question anonymously, you can submit it to us at, and we will post it for you.

People’s Vote March, Saturday 19th Oct

British in Europe will be marching in London this Saturday alongside the3million at the People’s Vote March. If you’re going to be in London this weekend, please come along to the march and support us! Feel free to join our WhatsApp group created for the event to stay updated.

We will be meeting by the M&S outside of Green Park Tube Station at 12 noon (take the Piccadilly exit– the M&S is located on the corner of Stratton Street and Piccadilly).

BiG will also be taking part in solidarity events in Berlin and Hannover on Saturday. Have a look here to learn more about the march happening in Berlin, and here for the rally in Hannover, which is in partnership with Volt Germany.

Wherever you are, if you want to support us on Saturday via social media, remember to use the hashtags #CitizensRights and #the5Million alongside #LetUsBeHeard.


Upcoming information events

The British Embassy is organising information events in order to ensure that Brits living in Germany are kept in the loop with information regarding the UK’s preparations to leave the EU. These events will be an opportunity for UK nationals to pose questions regarding individual situations and a British in Germany e.V. representative has also been invited to speak at each event.


  • Berlin, 30 September – register here
  • Düsseldorf, 1 October – register here
  • Frankfurt, 10 October – register here
  • Hamburg, 15 October – register here
  • Munich, 24 October – register here

Please bear in mind that interested participants will have to register in advance. Details to follow.

Also see the Embassy’s webpage.

Event: Stunt for Citizens’ Rights

the3million, British in Europe and Unison are organising a flashmob-style stunt in Trafalgar Square on 12 October. Participants will be gathering to form a broken-heart shape, then morphing into an EU flag, all wearing (bio-degradable) rain ponchos in yellow and blue so this can be seen from above. Once photos have been taken, you will have the opportunity to join other rallies taking place in the area.

Learn more about the event here.

You can find more info on the3million here, on British in Europe here and on Unison here.

N.B. British in Germany is not affiliated with this event.