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Votes for Life lobbying

Most European states allow their emigrants to vote in national elections no matter how long they have been living outside the country. Prior to 1985, British citizens living overseas did not have the right to vote in UK elections at all. The Representation of the People Act 1985 enabled overseas citizens to vote in the constituency where they had previously lived, but only for a period of five years. That was extended to twenty years in 1989 but reduced to fifteen years in 2000, where it remains today. Until 2015 the number of overseas voters registered to vote had never risen … Continue Reading ››

‘No Deal’ of Theresa May’s interview on LBC

Extract of Theresa May's interview on LBC, on Tuesday 10 October - "No Deal" Alison Jones was lined up to ask the following question of Theresa May live on this radio phone-in: “What would ‘no deal’ mean for myself and the other 1.2 million UK citizens currently living in the EU27?” In the end the presenter asked the question instead, but it elicited a response from Ms May that hit the headlines the following day:  “We don't know what would happen to them, the EU member states would have to consider what their approach would be to those UK citizens … Continue Reading ››

Written Evidence to HoL. Committee

Following Jane Golding’s oral evidence to the House of Lords EU  committee, follow-up evidence on the effect of No Deal has been submitted to the inquiry. Read in full the  House of Lords Written Evidence CONCLUSIONS 25. Given all the above, in our view, there is no clear and comprehensive legal solution to the issues faced by British citizens residing in the EU or EU citizens in the UK without a deal between the EU and the UK, agreeing the principles on which the exiting rights of these citizens should be safeguarded, and setting out the detail in the Withdrawal Agreement. 26. Any … Continue Reading ››

Mass lobby to UK Parliament, 13 Sept. 2017

Mass lobby to UK Parliament 13 Sept. 2017

British in Europe and the3million are inviting you to a mass lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 13 September 2017, asking MPs to fully protect our rights after Brexit so that we can stay in the countries we love. We are working together with our partners Another Europe is Possible, European Alternatives, Migrants Rights Network and UNISON.

What is a mass lobby?

A mass lobby is when a large number of people contact their MPs and members of the Lords in advance … Continue Reading ››

Postal/Proxy Vote Problems?

There appears to be widespread problems with people in the UK and overseas receiving their postal votes in time for today's General Election.   We have received many messages like this:
"I am aggrieved that I haven't yet received my postal vote despite being assured that I'll receive one. And my constituency, Croydon Central, is highly marginal"
Please write to us to tell us your issues and we will collate and quantify the evidence and present it to the Government and the UK Electoral Commission. N.B. Please include details of your constituency and as much detail … Continue Reading ››