Berlin/Embassy Brexit event

Discussion of Brexit implications for UK nationals in Germany – British Embassy Berlin, 13/02/2018

On the 13th of February, around 350 Brits met at the British Embassy in Berlin to discuss their fate in the face of Brexit. British in Germany and the British Ambassador hosted the evening, allowing an open discussion on the future status of UK nationals living in Germany. The British Ambassador Sir Sebastian Wood opened the evening with his speech, emphasising the importance of securing citizens’ rights:

HMA citizens' rights speech Feb 2018

Thank you to all those who came to the Embassy last night for a Q&A on Citizens’ Rights hosted by British Ambassador Sir Sebastian Wood. You can hear his summary of progress made so far in securing citizens’ rights by clicking on the video link. Many important issues were raised as well by audience members, including on the process of acquiring dual British and German citizenship and retaining it after Brexit. One other key concern raised was the eligibility of UK nationals to continue to travel and work around the EU. As the Ambassador says, we have pushed strongly for this in Phase One of negotiations and will continue to raise it as negotiations progress. Thank you, too, to those of you who provided questions related to your concerns prior to the discussion evening. Many of the themes are covered in the video. On other questions we will try to reply directly to you. All of the concerns raised will continue to be shared with colleagues in London. You can also leave feedback at

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Photo taken by Laurence Genillard, 13/02/2018

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His speech was followed by Jane Golding, Chair of BiE and BiG. Audio recordings from her speech below:

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