Your rights: links

Resource base for information and articles: EU negotiations on citizens’ rights from Remain in France Together (RIFT)

July 2017 European Parliament Briefings Paper EU and UK position on citizens’ rights

European Commission Sources with information which applies to British citizens resident /working in another EU country (before BREXIT)

Live, work and travel in the EU

Working in another EU country

Healthcare in another EU Country

State pensions in another EU country

British Government Sources with information on BREXIT

UK Nationals in the EU: what you need to know (last update 28.02.2018)

Exiting the European Union (last update 29.03.2017)

Joint technical note on the comparison of EU / UK positions on citizens rights (last update 28.09.2017)

Sign-up for UK Government emails with updates on BREXIT (with full list of topics incl. updates)

BREXIT in Germany: Reliable sources of information 

German Government Sources

German Government booklet on how to apply for Germany citizenship (in German, last update 31.12.2015)

German Government information regarding pensions in Germany (in English)